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Traducta pays special attention to the analysis and internal evaluation of written translations, after the proofreading and correction are completed, in order to ensure and maintain the high level of their quality.  ​ The services of the analysis and evaluation of written translations from and to the Croatian language Traducta also offers to the other business entities.


When analysing and evaluating written translations a combined qualitative-quantitative method is used in order to achieve as objective results as possible. 


A qualitative multilevel analysis is based on the application of modern linguistic understandings in the area of traductology, and a quantitative analysis on the usage of specially adjusted computer programs which enable a high level of evaluation objectivity. 


The method used here has already been successfully applied when testing the translators from and to the French language for the requirements of translation agencies and it has been presented on several international scientific assemblies.


Analysis and Evaluation of Translation

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