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Other Services

1. Review and Proofreading


Besides the review and proofreading as a component part and a quality guarantee for translations on the Croatian language, in Traducta you can also get the service of the review and proofreading of your Croatian language texts intended for publication.


2. Consecutive Interpreting

Traducta also offers the professional services of consecutive interpreting from French to Croatian and from Croatian to French language. Consecutive interpreting is applicable to business meetings with foreign partners, for business trainings, workshops, seminars and smaller assemblies participating foreign exhibitors and it does not require any special equipment.

3. Terminology


Traducta also offers the services of terminology management and the services of compiling monolingual, bilingual and multilingual terminology dictionaries and databases from different areas of specialization.




4. Analysis and Evaluation of Translation


Traducta pays special attention to the analysis and internal evaluation of written translations, after the proofreading and correction are completed, in order to ensure and maintain the high level of their quality.  ​ The services of the analysis and evaluation of written translations from and to the Croatian language Traducta also offers to the other business entities.

5. Media Monitoring and Analysis


Traducta also offers the service of monitoring Croatian and/or foreign, primarily francophone and anglophone, media (press, internet portals, radio and TV shows) to different business entities.

This service includes, next to translating texts selected according to the agreed criteria, and compiling periodical reports on the Croatian, French and/or English language.

6. Language Localization of Websites, Presentations, Pamphlets and Promotional Materials


Business entities who want to expand their activities outside of the national borders have to approach intercultural and interlingual issues as professional as possible so that they could successfully carry out business transactions on a foreign language. A language localization is more than a translation - it is a process in which all aspects of the content are adapted to cultural, technical and organizational specificities of the target country.

7. Online trainings for Translators

Traducta also organizes online trainings for translators (from and to Croatian language), according to the programs adapted to the requirements of the each attendee.



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