Review and Proofreading

Besides the review and proofreading as a component part and a quality guarantee for translations on the Croatian language, in Traducta you can also get the service of the review and proofreading of your Croatian language texts intended for publication:

- legal documents,

- marketing texts,

- pamphlets,

- posters,

- flyers,

- diploma papers,

- doctoral dissertations,

- books, and

- different purpose handbooks.

We entrusted the review and proofreading jobs to native speakers of the Croatian language, highly educated experts of different profiles (Croatian language and literature teachers, linguists, lawyers, economists, engineers, journalists, art historians, anthropologists, ethnologists, sociologists, theologians, musicologists etc.).


TRADUCTA, obrt za prevođenje

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Mob.: +385 98 19 23 842,

       +385 98 22 99 85

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