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Complete Translation Service

We can provide you with a complete translation service: the translation of different text types from French to Croatian and from Croatian to French, linguistic, legal, scientific and technical revision, review and proofreading of the translated materials.


We cooperate with highly educated experts, professional translators, native speakers of target languages and experts for the respective areas so that we could provide you with top-quality service.

The translation project manager is a professional translator, French language and literature professor with a PhD in linguistics obtained in the French-speaking area and with many years of translation experience in the international organizations and home translation agencies. As the person responsible for quality control, she monitors the various phases of translation process from the translation orders, evaluating text and selecting a team for each project through terminology management and supervision of the translation phases, revision and proofreading to final checks and translation delivery.


We offer different types of translation services, including technical, legal and medical translation.

Areas: law, patents, intellectual property, literature, art, culture, theology, anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, media, informatics, journalism, marketing, tourism, catering, gastronomy, oenology, agronomy, economy, finance, insurance, banking, architecture, construction, transport and communication, pharmaceutics, chemistry, medicine.

Thanks to our network of freelance associates, we are able to complete even the most demanding translation tasks and with quality translate larger amounts of material in relatively short time and at competitive prices. All our associates are native speakers of Croatian or French language with university education (teachers/masters in translation studies, foreign language and literature, Croatian language and literature, lawyers, economists, engineers, journalists, media analysts, sociologists, art historians, anthropologists, ethnologists and theologians).

Our daily translation capacity varies between 10 and 50 standard pages depending on the language combination, client's wishes regarding the number of translators who will be employed on a certain project, formality level of the document that has to be translated, busyness of the translators and the urgency level of the translation.


Top quality translations and deadline respect

When planning the delivery dates and translation costs, it should be noted that we distinguish three urgency levels of the translation: the standard translation, urgent translation and very urgent translation. With the standard translation, the daily norm is six standard pages per translator, and the shortest delivery date is two days for the translation of texts and five days for the translation of web pages. The delivery date does not include the day of receiving the text for translation, the translation delivery day and vacation days (weekends and holidays).  Up to six standard pages of translation a day are charged according to the Pricelist.




The urgent translation is two times faster than the standard one. The translator translates 7-12 standard pages a day and the shortest translation delivery date is one day (24 hours) for the translations without the certification, two days for the translations with certification and three days for the website localization, not counting the day of receiving the original text, the day of the delivery nor the non-working days. These translations are charged according to the urgent fee which is 25-50% higher than the one stated on the Pricelist. It is important to mention that all standard pages are charged according to the urgent fee and not only those which are translated above the daily norm.

Each translation that has to be finished the same day or the first day after receiving the original text is considered a very urgent translation, no matter the length, and it is charged according to the very urgent fee which is 100% higher than the one stated on the Pricelist.

We retain the right to reject an ordered translation if we think that due to an (unreasonable) shortness of time we will not be able to provide a good quality translation of a document and perform the necessary translation quality control before the delivery!

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