Language localization of multilingual web sites, apps, social media campaigns, slogans, and other promotional materials

Business entities who want to expand their activities outside of the national borders have to approach intercultural and interlingual issues as professional as possible so that they could successfully carry out business transactions on a foreign language. A language localization is more than a translation - it is a process in which all aspects of the content are adapted to cultural, technical and organizational specificities of the target country.


In the process of localization a number of details have to be taken into account, all the way from differences in the text length (the text in French is usually longer than the text in Croatian) and the choice of visual elements, over the ways of presenting the prices, the choices of currency and payment method, to those more subtle procedures related to the cultural sensibility, historical references and current events in the target country. Because of this, the team of experts who work on a localization project - no matter if it is a localization of multilingual web sites, apps, social media campaigns, slogans or promotional materials - inevitably includes a native speaker who resides in the target country.

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