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Traducta also offers the professional services of consecutive interpreting from French to Croatian and from Croatian to French language.


Consecutive interpreting is applicable to business meetings with foreign partners, for business trainings, workshops, seminars and smaller assemblies participating foreign exhibitors and it does not require any special equipment. This is a technique of oral translation with which the translator translates the speaker orally into the target language after each of his or hers sentences or finished thoughts, and at the same time using the notes he or she (the translator) makes during the speaker's presentation in the source language.






Professional Services of Consecutive Interpreting

The price of the consecutive interpreting is determined by the workday or by the hour and it depends on the length and complexity of the job. It is determined by measuring the time spent with the client from the moment of the arrival of the consecutive interpreter on the scheduled place all the way to the end of the consecutive interpreting job, no matter how much time the consecutive interpreter spent effectively. The price of the consecutive interpreting for each partial hour of the consecutive interpreting is calculated as a full hour.


In order that the consecutive interpreter can appropriately prepare for the agreed job and get acquainted with the terminology which is going to be used during the assembly, it is necessary that the client delivers him or her the available materials beforehand. Keeping business secrets and discretion are basic professional principles which we strictly adhere to, in written as well as oral translation.


The services of the consecutive interpreting are offered by professional consecutive interpreters with many years of experience, members of national and international professional translators' and interpreters' associations.

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